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Summer Astronomy Workshops at T2F


Karachi Astronomers Society and The Second Floor (T2F) presented a series of Astronomy workshops conducted under "Science Ka Adda", a PeaceNiche initiative. Each workshop entailed a detailed two-hour presentation followed by a Q/A session.

Through these workshops, science and astronomy enthusiasts came together and learned from our team of amateur astronomers who dedicated their time to broaden interest in Practical Astronomy - a subject that is rarely explored in depth within the parameters of our formal education system.

If you missed any of these or all the workshops, you can watch them now and become a part of these interactive and educational sessions.


Workshop 1: Exploring The Solar System

By Mohd. Mehdi Hussain (President, KAS)

How was our Solar System created? Learn more about planets, asteroids, comets, moon phases, sightings and the wonders of our solar system.



Workshop 2: Celestial Events

By Khalid Marwat (Chairman, KAS)

Learn about various events that occur in the sky above conjunction, opposition, transit of planets, lunar eclipse and the types of moon. 



Workshop 3: Solar Astronomy

By Sajjad Ahmad (Event Manager, KAS)

Get to know everything about the sun, our closest star. From the center to the surface and it's atmosphere.



Workshop 4: Exploring the Universe

By Abubaker Siddiq (General Secretary, KAS)

Enter the void of space to explore constellations, deep sky objects, galaxies and nebulae. Learn about the art and science of astrophotography.